Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting for God


Just sitting around and waiting for God to reveal Him/Herself is just fine. God will reveal God in God's own time.

But God has also gifted us with a brain, a mind, intelligence. I do not personally feel that a human being is doing her very best if she does not use intelligence, and even higher wisdom, to guide her life. So, I feel that God, in the deeper Mind, calls upon all of us to "ask, search, and knock" on the "door" of the heartmind. In other words, those who actively search for the meaning of that mysterious word "God"-- perhaps the greatest mystery of all time-- tend to grow more, and faster, spiritually.

Of course, we do have forever, and God is not in a hurry. Neither need we be! But spiritual growth is both fun and deeply satisfying. We do not pursue the wisdom of God because we are in some kind of "race," but because it is the most important pursuit in the world, if not the cosmos!

Life is so much incredibly richer with spirituality than without it!

As noted, this need not lead us to the many dead-ends of religion. We can safely by-pass religion altogether, in fact, if we have discovered spirituality.

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