Friday, January 11, 2008

Moderate Anger-management


Your natural human mind has some built-in limitations and reactions, and it is here to learn. In your case, one of the lessons that your Soul has preplanned and predesigned for your mind is patience, particularly with the little ones [your children]. This is indeed a form of Love, which we have all come to earth to polish and explore, to learn and to cultivate.

They will be your "teachers," in a very real sense.

Be kind to yourself; exercise selfcompassion when you note a natural imperfection. Realize the limits of stress to your own mind, and give yourself regular periods of meditation, stillness, or relaxation to compensate for "hyper-busy-ness." This will strengthen you, and will support and reinforce your goal to be always as patient as possible.

Anger is not bad or evil; it is quite natural. So, it is important that we allow ourselves to feel and express it in moderation, and on a regular basis. But we want to express this fiery emotion in a way that does not harm others.

One way to do this is by turning the "anger energy" into "kinetic energy." Thus, when excited by anger, we can immediately transform that energy into physical movement. We can jog, run, walk, swim, or exercise.

In a related way, others, when convenient, turn anger-energy into literal Lovenergy by engaging in honorable sex with their exclusive and monogamous Love-partner.

Still others find that "scream-therapy" (screaming into a pillow, when no one else is around) can do much to alleviate the natural pressure generated by anger. Deep breathing and meditation can also help get the "dragon" under control. So can conversation with friends.

Work-therapy is very useful to many. When you are immediately "lost" or immersed in your work, anger-energy can be dissipated harmlessly.

Some, who have fantasy-prone personalities, can get lost in a novel or movie during moments of extreme crisis. This directing of the difficult energy does not work for all people, but does aid in the interior healing of some.

Engaging in some socially constructive or helpful activity-- aiding the homeless, helping children, the aged, or the challenged-- can also transform anger-energy into a more constructive outlet.

Do not let anger worry you, as that will only compound the problem.

Remember that anger is natural and normal, although not desirable. Try not to see the feeling as a "sin," for it is not. (It can be transformed into "sin," depending on what you do with the energy.:)

Immersing yourself in deep spirituality (e.g., reading of the mystics, East and West) can also act therapeutically on the mind, moods, and emotional expressions.

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