Monday, January 21, 2008

Guilt, Fear, Love, and Jehovism


Love prohibits fear. God is Love, and her conceptual (not real) "opposite" is fear. So, as mystics, we often say, "Goddess is Love, and the 'devil' is fear."

How do we avoid this 'devil'? One way is continually to bring your mind back to the NOW. In this NOW, we have no past, and no future. If we can center in the NOW, as long as we can do so, we vanquish or conquer guilt, which is fear from the past. Btw, we also conquer worry, which is fear from the future.

So, with one simple spiritual principle, we "kill," or deactivate, two demonic and haunting forms of fear.

Re guilt: Often, we feel guilt when we feel that our mistakes are so very, very important. This arises because we are thinking of ourselves as too significant. The only factor that is significant or important about any human being is her ability to permit Love.

Think of the great immensity and vastness of this cosmos. Our galaxy contains at least two thousand million suns. And, in this physical universe, we have discovered a thousand million galaxies! The whole planet earth is only an "atom" in this great universe. How important can one nanoscopic person be on that microscopic dot? So, how important can her mistakes be?

So, remind yourself of these facts when you start to feel guilty. In our backwards religions, most of which are founded on the false godimage "Jehovah," sin is at the center of all. It is incredibly important.

But the opposite is true with the Way of Love. It is not "sin" that is important, for this is mere error. Instead, it is forgiveness, a form of Love, that really counts and matters. In the cosmic context, "sins" are tiny, and so, we must work on forgiveness, all of which begins with selforgiveness! So, when a "sin" starts to haunt you, with velcromind, kick in your mantra and create a state of clear, empty teflonmind. Let it go. You are the only one clinging to this "sin," creating pain, agony, guilt, and even interior "hell."

Also, forgive others, and you will be forgiven. If you cannot forgive a "sin" that you have created, find someone else who has done the same or something similar. Then, when you can completely forgive her, you will find that you can forgive yourself!

Reject guilt; refuse delivery.

Despite its ubiquity among the Jehovist religions, guilt has never, in all history, made a person better. For guilt is not a tool of Love, but of fear. It serves evil and ignorance, creating and supporting hell.

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