Saturday, January 05, 2008

Generosity Therapy


Did you ever make a horrible mistake, or do something deliberate but unspeakable? It is a natural part of the human condition that most of us have.

The absence of selforgiveness can take us into many, profound, seemingly interminable, hellstates from, and in, the subconscious mind. It is not enough simply to tell yourself that "God has forgiven you," for your own subconscious mind has not, and it will allow no peace at all.

This is where "generosity therapy" comes in.

For how can we speak with the subconscious mind? It does not use usual words. But it is continually watching our behaviors.

The message that we want to give to it is, "I am a good person, despite my terrible error." So-- and Christmas can remind us of the value of this therapy-- give widely to friends and strangers. And do not give $2 gifts; instead, make them gifts that count, that impact upon your pocketbook. For that which does not impact your income will have little effect on your mind.

Give, generously, abundantly, widely, extravagantly, and without keeping count.
Give as the Goddess gives you air-- freely, without demanding dues or promises to repay.

Give out of a sincere Love deep from the heart. Give with joy and abandon, for it is only in this kind of giving that we "receive." What we give proves to the skeptical subconscious mind that we are beings and creatures deserving of true forgiveness. It proves us worthy. It earns us the "interior gold" of good karma. It erases, neutralizes, and wipes out our karmic debts.

It refreshes, heals, body, mind, and Soul. It triggers increased Love, for the only way to get Love is to give it. And the same applies to forgiveness.

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