Thursday, January 10, 2008



Jesus was the incarnation of purest Love (God). He was an enlightened teacher who had vanquished and conquered his ego entirely. But despite all this, there was still a tiny part of his mind that was still "human."

This is what made him "true God and true man."

In that tiny shadow or echo of the lower human nature lay the seeds of potential fear. These did not grow, were not cultivated, but were only fear-potential. Thus, he experienced the perennial battle between Love and fear that marks the human condition. He was "tested in all things, as other men."

This microparticle of darkness did challenge him through his physical brain and nervous system. He experienced, at times, biologically-based weakness, as, for example, in states of hunger or exhaustion. He needed to eat and sleep as do all human beings. He felt pain as do we all.

He was not a freak or alien, but a true human being. So, yes, he did have to encounter the interior "dragons" or "demons" that we all must face along the path. With supreme and ecstatic Love, he was able to overcome them. That is why early Christians referred to him as a "model." If he had been a one-of-a-kind superman, he could not possibly have been a model. And, exactly as he had to face and overcome the fear-nature (devil), we all have exactly this same precise assignment or mission.

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