Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good Passion!


If passion be craziness, keep me away from that dull, boring "prison" called "respectability.":) Life on earth, as you have probably noticed, is a very tough, very long, haul! So, we owe it to ourselves, as part of selflove, to have as much non-harmful fun as possible! While this does not mean giving in to indulgence every time-- or you would be the size of a house-- it does mean periodically, moderately enjoying the great God-given gifts of the senses. In the past, when selfstyled "spiritual" people condemned all sensuality, they went way too far, off the path of moderation. For what in the world could ever be "sinful" about imbibing the fresh scent of a rose, watching a lovely sunset, or enjoying the "music" of crickets and treefrogs on a lovely spring evening? Most yielded that these "senses" were "probably okay," but still despised the richer senses involving the indispensable human touch, and, more deeply, sexuality-- even between people who were committed to Love and enduring relationship. It has been scientifically validated that children who are reared without human touch actually die-- through "absence of thriving."
Our Western society has experienced some kind of terrible mix-up here, and its anti-sexual bigotry has nothing to do with God (Love).

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