Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ufos, Usos, and Prayer


Both ufos and usos are the same phenomenon in different contexts. If ufonauts do have a base on earth, it is likely to be under water. For this would be much easier to keep secret and hidden from primitive natives.

It is easy to understand why these ufonauts, if representative of a superadvanced technology or civilization, would try to hide from the very primitive natives of our planet. For, in studying wild apes, lions, and other potentially dangerous life-forms, scientists always make sure that they have a Jeep to which they can retreat and hide, if necessary.:)

Recently, have been studying the Sermon on the Mount. In it, Jesus actually forbids, prohibits, public prayer! Please read it, and you will discover this! So, preachers and ministers are everywhere breaking one of the great commandments of the great teacher. Like making Love, which can also be sacred, prayer is to be a private matter, "in secret," to use Jesus' words.

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