Sunday, January 06, 2008

God and Society


It has recently been suggested, by a mind shallow and in darkness, that "God" permitted the horrors of Katrina, the notorious and nightmarish hurricane, because American society "rejected God." This portrayal of immortal and infinite Love as a spiteful, petty monster absorbed in trivial pursuits demonstrates a complete absence of the knowledge of God.

It is sheerest darkness to portray the Almighty Blessing and Blissing of Love as a grumpy, moody, grumbling wretch that can be directed and controlled by ignorant human responses. This, of course, arises partially from the ancient misunderstanding of "God" as a very human-like "person," which She is definitely not!

God does not "punish." Natural laws take care of that. These laws are collectively called "karma."

If a person becomes sick after exposure to the flu, she does not think that she is being "attacked" or "punished" by "God." Indeed, the idea is ludicrous and absurd, rejected by all reasonable people Similarly, if she steps off a ten-story building, she does not think of God as "punishing" her by her fall to the ground. These results occur due to natural laws. Karma, like viral or bacterial contamination, and like gravity, is also a natural law.

It is a law of mind-operation; and it works continuously upon us whether or not we believe in it. And since it comes from your own mind, there is no way, and no where, to "escape" it! The world unfolds around you as the dream of the deeper Mind, called the "Soul." So, you must live in your Soul's dream, and must experience every event that It brings to you.

Love is unconditional. Love loves people without measuring or evaluating
("judging") them. Love is God. It is therefore only cranky insanity to believe that God, the all-loving, could ever be affected, or changed, by the weak power of human ignorance. For that which alters human minds has no effect on the stable, dependable, reliable Mind at the Center of all things. This is super-stable Love, and is trustworthy. It will not betray us at the sight of our imperfections, even stupidities.

What people say about "God" has zero effect on God Herself. This is like the "power" of an ant trying to stop a long freight-train roaring down the tracks.

So, let the foolish say whatever they will. The foolish who want to ban "God" from America are resisted fiercely by the foolish who think that God is taking "vengeance" on these pitiable creatures. Both are equally lost.

Katrina, like 9-11, and other catastrophes, had absolutely nothing to do with the "will of God" (desire of Love). This was an act of nature, and of karma. God did not even make an appearance until the rescuers showed up, and those who tried to rebuild the devastated areas. God was not in nature, but, as always, in restorative, recuperative Love. God is simply not present until Love dawns within the heart.

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