Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Parentizing" Other Adults


It is best to allow other adults to find, create, or discover their own paths-- emotional, spiritual, and mental. We can, of course, give aid and assistance, as this is the very assignment of loving people. But we have gone far too far if we try to "parentize" other adults. It is inappropriate, and impossible, to be a "father" or "mother" to other adults.

This realization is fairly evident to most, with the powerful exception of their biological children: Most parents have a very difficult challenge in letting go of their kids. But, as you have learned, you must let even them make their own mistakes. For this is the only way possible to grow on earth. In the final analysis, making mistakes, however tragic, confusing, and disorienting, is a positive learning experience. No matter how hard you try, no matter how great your Love, you cannot insulate other adults from the often terrible effects of their errors. You could even say that some errors are karmically determined; they are part of the life-predesign of the deeper Mind (Soul).

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