Monday, January 21, 2008

Friendship, Simplicity, and Materialism


Living in simplicity is a standard principle of true spirituality. It is anti-greed, anti-grasping, anti-clinging, and represents great interior freedom to the person who drops her glue-like attachment to too many material things. We desperately need to replace "velcromind," which sticks to everything, with teflonmind, which sticks to nothing! And that hypervelcromind is certainly what has happened in this country: People have too much tv, too many celfones, too much music, too much cybertech, too much entertainment, too much sex, too many books, too many religions, and a spectrum and plethora of other hyperindulgences: Nothing the average American can think of is too good for her!

Thus, we have a hyperkinetic, super-busy society in which almost no one is truly happy, content, or satisfied. Tranquility or serenity is a very rare jewel. We are so "plugged into" material "stuff" that we do not allow time for even friendship-maintenance or "development. And that is a great tragedy, for friendship is the usual expression of God (Love) on this planet!:)

To make friendship-Love a priority is a great blessing! We need to invest more time in each other, in friendship, and much less in money-grubbing! For gold is a cold and lonely, even ugly, "replacement" for kind, compassionate friends.

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