Monday, January 21, 2008

Primitive, Backwards Physics


We seem to be looking at quantum physics, or, to use its antique name, "particle" physics, from within its "Neanderthalic" period of evolution.

We, having discovered only some sharp rocks, are a long way from brainsurgery!:)

Our complete absence of sophistication is readily observable most of all in the sixteenth-century materialism that still guides science.:) You must admit that this is hilarious.:) The physics of the future is the study of the invisible.
There is no doubt that science is gradually growing into mystical awareness. It is inevitable when honest science pursues truth (reality), or even "ultimate" truth. Both will inevitably converge, and that will be a most beautiful leap forward!

Of course, they will discover that the ultimate "particle" is not a particle at all. It will be a wave of temporary energy, neutral in atomic weight, neutral in spin, neutral in acceleration, called the "psychon."

Yes, human jerks and losers will always form cults around new and stunning, bright discoveries.


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