Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visit to Pneumarium


Our gatherings of our students (little extended spiritual family) are nothing formal at all. In fact, we are very relaxed and informal.

Group-gatherings have been as small as three, and have attracted as many as twenty-four.:)

We meet in a very special room made for the purpose. It is clean, but not flashy or fancy.:) This is also the room where we store our books.

(We distribute twenty books on spirituality and spiritual psychology.:) So, we hope that you will pick up one or two (or more) while you are here!

Following the Flow or the Tao of unstructured spontaneity, we have no preplanned or prepared lessons. Our interactions (conversations) arise from whatever subject is mentioned at the time. The "floor" is always "open" to new inquiries and comments.

We recognize no leaders but the "Spirit" (Mind of the heart). (We call it the "deep heartmind.") We also have no dogma, no doctrines set in stone.

The closest thing that we have to a teaching is the belief that Love is the central Mind, the Center of the cosmos and of life, and that Love works practically to inspire, uplift, and inform our lives. As "God is Love," we worship Love. This expresses as kindness, goodness, friendliness, tolerance, and an entire list of positive qualities.

We are eager to share more with you, but you will not be pressured.:) No attempt will be made to "convert" you to any religion; for we are members of many religions, or none at all.:)

So, expect a small but friendly group of people who will be both delighted and eager to make your acquaintance.

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