Saturday, March 10, 2007

The True Master


When anyone calls another "Lord" or "master," the one being addressed is being acknowledged to have a Self of Love within. It is not the body of the person being addressed, and not her ego-identity, and not even the higher Self (soul), but the highest Self (Spirit).

When Jesus was called "Lord," it was not the man Jesus who was being addressed, but the Spirit indwelling his mind at the Core or Center. This was an address to the Spirit of pure Love that indwelled him. Jesus had erased his ego-self and "disappeared" (by absorption) into the infinite Mind of Love deep within him. As evidence of this change, he early changed his name from "Immanuel" to "Jesus."

People who say that they want to be "like" Jesus are always saying "Jesus... this" and "Jesus.... that," but Jesus himself never once used the name "Jesus" in his public teaching all during his life. So, people who are really being like Jesus are not your average "Jesus-people."

To be "like" Jesus is to draw all attention to the "Father," as the Master Himself did. It is to talk about the Infinite Immeasurable Reality at the Center of all Mind and all the cosmos. It is to speak about the One, the Ineffable, God.

Everyone is, deep within, this same "Lord" and "Master," as we manifest that deep interior Spirit. But a true master will never, under any conditions, refer to herself as a "master." This is one of the marks, in fact,of a fake, fraud, or phony. For this would divert attention away from the invisible Spirit and redirect it to ego, and to ego-praise. This is to miss completely and entirely the place of humility in the Way.

For deep humility, even silence, marks the true master. And a real master is never the "master" of others, or of people. A real master is she who has mastered the self, with its lower energies, weaknesses, and imperfections. A true Master has tamed her "lower nature" or "animal nature." She has under control her appetites, for food, sleep,sex, and other biodrives. She turns all energies heavenward, or heartward, towards the indwelling Godmind.

She never brags, boasts, or selfdisplays. She has no interest at all in "impressing" anyone, and does not even try. Instead, she finds peace and deep tranquility in silence and service. A mystic will teach if she is called to teaching. But outside of that talking, she will find great comfort in silence. A master avoids all extremes, and need not be silent at all times, but neither can she talk all the time, hogging conversation and grabbing the spotlight. she sows the seeds of Light and truth, but is never worried when people ignore her, as that is also part of their path to growth.

A true master will exercise gentle but firm control over her speech and actions. She will practice courtesy, friendliness, openness, kindness, goodness, and compassion. She will try not to eat too much or too little, sleep too much or too little, sexually engage neither too much nor too little. she will strive to find the moderate Way of balance in all bio-activities,and in all other areas of her life. She will not obsess about her self, or her career, or her accomplishments. Indeed, the true master will usually refrain from speaking about herself at all (unless she is directly questioned, and the answer can aid a student).


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