Saturday, March 24, 2007



Nothing real exists outside of Love, or the Mind of the Creator. But some illusions, such as hatred, ignorance, bigotry, dishonesty, falsehood, lies, and similar patches of darkness lack the Light of God.

In illusions is fear created, and so, all fear-- all "devils" and "demons"-- are fear, a part of the unreality that "exists" in mind only, but has no real existence in the real mind. These things exist with the same reality as dream-images in our night-dreams. If we ask whether a dream exists, the answer is yes. But if we ask whether the objects and characters of the dream really exist, the answer is no. It is the same way with our everyday world. God allows us to dream up various illusions, such as fear, in order to put our spiritual qualities to the test. But a big and important part of enlightenment is seeing the fog-critters and phantasms as nothing more than realistic illusions.

Upon close examination, they are all "paper tigers," made of smoke and mirrors.

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