Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nuclear Disaster for Profit?

Thanks to Teresa Ramsey.

Urgent: OHIO - Global Level Crisis - IMPORTANT!

It's about 3:30am as I write this. I am unable to sleep.... All of you in this mailing group know me personally.... Only something that has struck to the very core of my being could persuade me to communicate in the terms I am now groping to formulate into a clear and concise message---I chose to send this email to those of
you who:

  • 1. Care about nature and the environment

  • 2. Uphold your personal spirituality and truth with integrity

  • 3. Feel deeply a sense of responsibility towards all life and the future generations to come

  • 4. Are connected to other such people, through personal community, and professional contacts.

On an errand run into town yesterday morning, I "happened" to see a bright yellow flyer saying that there was going to be a public hearing with representatives from the (Federal) Department of Energy, in Piketon, Ohio, at 6pm, regarding the placement of a Nuclear Waste Site in that vicinity.

Here are just a few of the most pertinent and terrifying FACTS, gleaned from a "meeting" that was over four hours long:

Piketon, Ohio is approximately 80 miles from the Dayton area, and not very far from The Great Serpent Mound in Adams county, and just north of the town of Portsmith which is directly on the Ohio River.

Piketon is located next to wetlands, a medium-sized river (which of course flows into the Ohio River), and is over an ENORMOUS GROUND WATER SOURCE, the Teays Aquifer, the largest aquifer in North America-- a geologic fact.

The Federal Department of Energy has side-stepped legal environmental due process in order to "Position the Community" of Piketon into becoming the site for a 3700-acre nuclear waste "processing" (in essence, read STORAGE SITE) plant. This proposed plant would NOT MERELY ACCEPT NUCLEAR WASTE FROM Ohio,BUT FROM ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES AND FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.

Imagine, if you will, trucks, boats, and perhaps even cargo planes, loaded with deadly spent plutonium rods, traveling over water, continents, via the interstates, all converging on southern Ohio! One accident is all it will take for the destruction of not only the immediate region, but all the areas touched by the winds and waters!

The DOE has laid the foundation for this site far in advance, pre-planning their moves, and taking steps AHEAD OF TIME TO ENSURE THAT THIS NEVER REACHED THE MEDIA-- and therefore--NEVER REACHED THE PUBLIC AWARENESS SO THAT OUR VOICES OF OPPOSITION MIGHT BE HEARD.

The DOE (department of energy) has hired an "Environmental Research Corporation" called "TetraTech," to "validate" the "SAFETY" [????] of such a plan. So, the "watch dogs" of the environment, in other words, are being PAID BY THE D.O.E. I spoke personally to their chief representative from the Washington, D.C. region. She claimed never to have heard of the Teays aquifer. THIS is an environmental protection agency?

The DOE is dangling the promise of jobs in front of the economically depressed residents of Piketon as an incentive for local acceptance of this plant. There were a frightening number of local people who were completely in the pocket of TetraTech and the DOE at this meeting. The DOE's strategy has been, in part, to make promises and guarantees to the locals-- and make it look as if this is simply a matter of small town local interest.

This "Public Hearing" was a travesty of the "Democratic Process". The DOE put forth a lengthy (approximately an hour-and-a-half long) power-point presentation in a room TOO SMALL TO ALLOW EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE TO FIT INSIDE THE ROOM. The DOE did NOT allow there to be a Question and Answer session. The DOE allowed speakers to present their viewpoints in time slots limited to THREE MINUTES-- often with the "one minute" warning interrupting the flow of material.

* * *
Now. Why did I burden you with this? I will tell you: I am asking you to please do one or more of the following things:

  • 1. PRAY and act for the protection of our world-- and for the Power of Truth to
    empower those who are currently standing up to this ill-conceived proposition.
    Pray your conscience, and obey it.

  • 2. SPREAD THE WORD. Forward this email if you choose to, speak out in your community, call the TV stations and newspapers, do whatever you can. A fire must be lit---and now!

  • 3. CONTACT the following group: SONG "Southern Ohio Neighbors Group". They are actively seeking to legally stop this thing, they have done the research, and sent (at least) three very impressive and dedicated speakers to that meeting last night. They are gathering signatures on petitions, and have been attempting (with only marginal success) to get this information made public. Please HELP THEM.


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