Sunday, March 18, 2007

Love Donations

Out latest project in the Love Jewels collection is the Shining Sapphire video. Read previous posts for a description.

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Please contact me re any questions, at:, and please make checks payable to: Love Ministries, Inc., and mail to: 5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd. Liberty Township, OH 45011.

Our position on donations: MINISTRIES AND GREED

In current society, it is despicable and tragic how religion has become interwoven with money. It is an utter catastrophe, and has led to the ruination of the most spiritual ideas of faith. Greed has corrupted, most thoroughly, the entire structure of most organized religions, whether they be giant, international religions or minor microcults. The church is thoroughly rotten with greed. Often, the actual measure of a church is its size, and churches have come to resemble shopping-malls.

The life and ministries of Jesus were far different. He did not even think it important enough to build a physical church or even mention the idea. The scriptures say, however, that even in the very nonmaterialistic ministry of Jesus, he and his disciples did carry a donation-box, out of which they lived. The poor followers of Francis did the same. As in the time of Jesus, money is a necessary evil. (1 Tim. 6:10) Not that money itself is evil; it isn't. But the ancient Christians did believe that the "love of money" was a "root of evil." . Sure enough, every war, many acts of torture, stealing, lying, betrayal, and murder are usually connected with this evil "love".

So, we renounce money as a goal of any truly sincere attempt to serve God (Love). For Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and money." Some translations render this verse, "You cannot serve God and riches." Either way, its intent is crystal clear: You cannot, must not, divide your timenergy between God (Love) and money. And we have no intentions of ever doing so!

We renounce all riches as an "alternative god" to the real God, the God Who is Love! At Love Ministries, we have never sought to make any kind of "profit" on spirituality, and vow that we will never attempt to do so. Our seminars, lectures, and personal interviews and work with students and clients have always been offered free of charge, and we vow to keep this policy in place. Also, our email work, client sessions, telephone work, and distribution of other educational materials are free. And we promise to keep it so.

Sadly, we have had to charge clients, students, and the public for some of our educational materials. Books are larger than the free printed materials that we provide, and we have been forced to pay for the printing of these. But we have never made a penny's profit on any book. We sell them for exactly the cost that we must pay for them, for we do not want to profit on spirituality.

To see spirituality as a "market commodity" is to reduce it to the level of material objects. And spirituality is never for sale, at any price! Nor should it be, under any circumstances!

The Master Jesus was no fanatic. He took a moderate position. He did not call his followers to poverty. But, on the other extreme, he actually discouraged the popular quest for unlimited wealth. When a rich man expressed a desire to follow him, Jesus said, "Go, sell all that you own, and give it to the poor; then follow Me." (Mark 10:21)

This was not a literal command, so that we have to follow it. But it was a giant test of the man's sincerity. To "sell everything" is to let go of the heart-entanglement with riches, the obsession with material wealth- as common in ancient times as it is today. For this path makes greed (fear) your master, and fear is Love's opposite.

But this does not mean that money itself is "bad." We all need to live and to do anything in our world. So, at present, Love Ministries is reaching out for your help. Because of our belief in simplicity, some minimalism, and our anti-materialism, Love Ministries does not have any money for even the best causes.

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