Sunday, March 18, 2007

Psychomodification and Homeworld Education


I must agree that the sweet and kind Susan [pseudonym] does not "deserve" her life as it appears to be right now. But we should never forget that a life-pattern for any life is designed by the immense intelligence/wisdom called the "unconscious Soulmind," so her tests and exams are not happening "at random."

A few souls incarnate on earth, from time to time, to accelerate vastly their spiritual growth. Many wise mysticsaints suffered, in their human manifestations (and dream) from incurable, often complex, challenges. These challenges were never easy or fun for them, or for the souls to whom they were so solidly bound in Love.

Trials of this nature can be quite trying. But, in the end, they can drive one to the very limits of human spirituality, and even beyond those apparent limitations, pushing one into the interior realms of the superhuman.

These things barely ever occur to "evil" people. So, they also drive all of us to seek their deeper, practical, and more realistic meanings and origins. Far, far too many childish minds simply dismiss the entire cosmos as "unjust," blind, or even evil. These shallow thinkers cut themselves off from God (Love), "eat of the tree of good and evil," and get whacked out of "paradise" (Eden means "pleasure.") All joy is sucked rom their heartminds, leaving them to die of spiritual thirst on a superheated desert. This dreamed "separation from Love" can never be real; but it is the very definition of the psychogenic state of "hell."

On the other hand, it can take some fancy footwork, as well as profound cognition (combined with acognitive therapy) for us to develop the hypersensual awareness of the meaning of Love in all this. The "easy way out," the lazy "cop out" is simply to deny that the cosmos has any meaning, and to die a horible, selfchosen, agonizing death in that spiritual desert.

Love is not "joking" with these earthlives. Before incarnation, at special classes in the Homeworld, we are prepped for the horrors and nightmares that earthlife might well bring us. In that preincarnational life, we are quite thoroughly grounded in the single fact that Love is in control of our life-designs, and never, never to forget this one fact, no matter how "terrible" our lives seem to become. This deep spiritual
education is also designed, precisely, by experts thousands of years old, to keep us from falling into hopeless panic. And blessed is she who can remember, and know.

You, like us, are being forced down the ghastly road to soulical memory, to recall your own powerful education, to call upon, and draw upon, every single interior resource to which your Soul has access.


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