Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Newcomers" in the "Homeworld"


When people die, for the first time-period (about a subjective year, although time is very different there), they are called "New-comers." One of the first things to which a New-comer in the Homeworld is exposed is "psychoreeducation," a kind of combination of therapy with education.

This is very necessary for people to learn to live in a world filled with total trust, in which all evil has disappeared and in which no betrayal can occur.

The granting of every wish to a person has a remarkable, unbelievable effect. Not only does she get everything that she has ever wanted, but there is never any lack, and she need never worry that it will be taken away. Under these conditions, people-haters of all sorts rather easily become people-lovers.

People with sexual hang-ups are quite common, from worlds such as the earth, and they, too, undergo some fairly powerful and radical re-adjustments involving the structure of the light-bodies. Alterations in biochemistry can make some of these problems vanish. In some cases, this occurs instantly, but in others, behavior-modifications are also needed.

When your friend is again drawn to the karmic constellation (incarnation-group), she will again meet her parents and brother, but all will have long been cured. They will then begin the process, which can ast for subjective years, of learning to love and trust each other. Of course, all the pressures of heavy biological and genetic connections will be gone, blessedly, and they will meet as contemporaries. Each will have had a very thorough education in agapology (understanding Love) and practice.

Each person in the Homeworld undergoes the most thorough and meticulous training in self-acceptance, compassion, kindness, goodness, honesty, and the other gentle arts of Love. Until people are so trained, they do not deal with the public, but must stay in the most beautiful, heavenly spa-like area until their training is completed. By the time that three earth-weeks have passed, it is likely that your friend has already successfully undergone the training, and is even now, peacefully and lovingly, reintegrating with her former family, sharing utter ecstasy and total peace.


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