Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Masters" and Spiritual Development 2


In recent years, many have claimed to be "masters" of one spiritual or metaphysical path or another. But a true master will never egoistically call herself a "master," under any conditions. For a master is one who has disclaimed, overcome, and risen above ego. And any claim to be a master only supports and reinforces ego.

It follows logically, even inevitably, that anyone who dares claim to be a "master" is a phony, fraud, or fake.

Jesus said, for example, in the famous "Gospel of Thomas," "I am not your master." For the true master is master of the self only, with its plethora of weaknesses and ignorance, drives and urges.

You can, then, safely ignore anyone who has the audacity to call herself a "master."

But the largest gaffs have been committed by self-proclaimed "gurus." There are true gurus, for the word guru is, in Sanscrit, only a "teacher."

Again, anyone who presents himself (almost all have been male) as a special or superior avatar (incarnation of God) is also a phony. For we are all avatars. What else could a sentient (self-aware) being be? That is why it is so important to treat all sentient beings with Love.

But, although loving them, we do obeisance, offer worship, to none. For to worship any being means that the being is superior to us, and we are all God (Love) in flesh (incarnation).

A "guru" named Sai Baba claimed to be very, very special, and an enlightened master and special avatar. But several of his former followers defected from his cult, and unmasked him as a pedophile. Regularly, he raped many little boys.

The fake Rajneesh was betrayed not only by kinky sex, but by materialism and greed. No true master will, or can, ever exhibit greed, for it is a vast weakness of the lower nature. Rajneesh wanted a Rolls-Royce for every day of the year, a different car for every day.

Then, there is Mahesh Yogi. His system, tm, is an ancient one, and has helped many. But he insisted that the tm people have their own schools, and that a picture of his ego-face be placed in the schools. He, like Rajneesh, also gave into greed: He offered his "meditation services" to municipalities; he would charge each city millions of dollars for this "service."

The list of phony gurus is as long as that of fake ministers, and it is boring. So, we can logically present this principle: Human gurus are unreliable. You are standing on very shaky grounds if you worship, adore, or follow any human guru, minister, elder, or priest.

What was said earlier about your "interior child" applies here: As we become adults, in a spiritual sense, we are supposed to leave behind external "mommies" and "daddies." We are supposed, instead, to cultivate interior personal wisdom and Love. For this is the "interior Buddha or Christ."

We are not supposed to look to outer "daddies" for our answers. For interior "parents" are quite as sick as interior "children." We can seek knowledge, even suggestions, anywhere. But instead, we are supposed to meditate, and study, meditate and study, over and over, until we discover a part of our minds called the "interior Teacher." (This has been called the "Buddha," "Christ," "Krishna," "Holy Spirit," "Lovemind," "Godmind," etc.) We are to continue each day to educate this highest Self by observing, studying, and listening to, our world and our events and situations. It takes time. But, in the meanwhile, while this Self is still developing, we do have the guideline of pure Love. Stainless Love will never mislead you, never betray you. So, create the very highest Love that you can imagine. Picture this as your highest, most perfect Sellf. Then, follow this highest Self when you have questions or complexities along the Way.

For, as has been proved over and over again, without a question or doubt, following human leaders can be a path to disaster, personal catastrophe, and cynical skepticism.

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