Saturday, March 03, 2007

Poetic Fragments


Every small nail
Driven in for the sake of Love
Is the service of the
There is no such thing
As an "insignificant" act of Love.
act of Love-- mowing lawns, digging holes, listening to a friend--
Is an act of true "worship."
Every thought of Love
Is a prayer,
Worth a thousand Lents.

True faith is
Allowing our lives to unfold naturally,
Without concern
Or manipulation.

The voice of God is heard,
Not in the thunder, or in the ocean's mighty roar,
But in the squeal of puppies,
And the silence of desert canyons.
Every touch of every friend
Is God reaching out to you.
Every aid, every help, every assistance,
Of any person who reaches out a helping hand,
Is also God.

Serving God is the quiet mind.
God's glory is not found in selftrumpeting,
The blast of the tuba,
Never in selfdisplay.
Instead, the greatest is the least:
Infinite power and talent
Manifest in the quiet,
Self-abnegating, self-effacing person.
Glory and splendor cry out
In her silence;
The most beautiful diamonds shine
Also in silence.

The good man
Is self-erasing,
The ignorant self-spotlighting.
God's real beauty
Shines in the silent emerald.

There is no glory
Like the silent and tender,
Quiet splendors of the night-sky.
Stars the size of a million earths
Speak most loudly and clearly
The language of sweet silence.
When all are shouting,
Only the most quiet whisper gets attention.

God moves into thee
When there is deep silence.
Otherwise, She is pushed out
By all the self-talk,
All the thoughts and busy-ness.
Holy Spirit settles
Like sun-kissed morning dew
On the silent rose,
And on the silent person.
In deepest equanimity,
Most profound tranquility,
God as Love
Permeates the unspeaking
And untroubled heart.

Relax into God,
And God will relax into you.
Let the Captain
Guide his ship
Of your life.
Do not try
To take over
And drive it yourself.
It will find its home-port,
But only if you let the Captain drive it.
For the heart knows well
Where is its home.


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