Sunday, March 18, 2007

Open Letter To Our Friends


Dear Friends of the Heart,

A Spirit of willingness and support can be every bit as important as money to the accomplishment of any project. This includes, of course, the Shining Sapphire Account. In the future, we plan to announce, here in the uld ("Universal Love Digest") the pledges and donations that you, our dear friends, have given so willingly for the video-project. Your words of appreciation and solidarity are very, very much appreciated.

So many people are in the "spiritual business" for bucks that it can set your teeth on edge. We hate it when people try to turn "truth" into a "commodity," and sell it like apples. We never, ever want to do this, as it is a particular form of destruction of the sacred.

But we are sure that you know us, and so, we can be honest with our needs without falling upon the up-turned knives of materialism-- deadly to any good cause. So, thanks for your understanding, my friends.

In the note, we said that we will accept donations as small as a single dollar. Beggars cannot be choosers, and we are ourselves often "turned off" by a charity that prohibits donations less than twenty-five dollars, or even fifty!:)

Thanks very much for your understanding and patience. Good friends such as yourselves make all our work possible. We will always reach back a hand to take yours, in cooperation and compassion, even if neither hand contains bucks!:)


shi and the Love Education Team

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