Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shining Sapphire

As we are always coming up with new ideas around here, there is one that we want to share, and get your feedback:

My friend Steven McDaniel is a semiprofessional film-maker, and works on video-projects and similar activities. His ema is:

The reason that this is shared with you is so that you can provide feedback to either him or to me about our latest project, hatched in one of those "brainstorming" sessions for which some odd and creative people are notorious.:)

Here is the idea: We have long discussed, in several informal interviews, the events and actions that have made up this personal life. This life has had very much to teach, about patience, acceptance, resilience, strength, and general spirituality. Its presentation would make an excellent life-lesson for anyone interested in spirituality.

Steven also expressed interest in our latest publishing project, the book called Walkin' On Sunshine: An Abiography of a Mystic, and he has even designed the cover! (It is being published right now.)

With, or close to, the release of this "abiography," we thought that it would also be good to release a video of complementary content.

As a mystic, it is important that the video reflect the same non-egoic theme of the book. The book might be the first ever to be written in "Ifree," in which the words "I," "me," "my," and "mine" are not used, or used only minimally. The purpose of the video, after all, is not to create fame (or infamy), but, like the book, to tell a story. In fact, beyond the use of the name "shi," with no surname, the video is planned to be anonymous. We want to insist on mystical anonymity, and, at the same time, to tell the story of a life that has been a roller-coaster between gentle, lovely heavens and nightmarish hells. We feel that the story has very much to say about life-- yours, and everyone else's.

This letter is just a gentle "feeler," sent to selected friends who are trusted, and in whom I have confidence, to see what the levels of psychological, social, and even economic support might be for this kind of undertaking. Neither Steven nor I have a lot of money, and we would have to solicit some donations or Love-offerings for us even to get started.

So, if you could find it in your heart to make a "one-time" donation, or else, a "monthly donation," for a period lasting for six months, these Love-donations could immediately go into the "Shining Sapphire" Account. (This is the name given to this project. We really can barely stand to ask for your help, but know that, at times, we must lean upon each other for support.)

And we live in fullest confidence that, if the Spirit of Love wants this video to be produced, the means and the funds will likely come from the hearts of our loving friends. Donations as small as one to five dollars are welcome!

So, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions re the details, please just send me or Steven an email, and we will be very glad to address your inquiries. At any rate, please send along your good and powerful heart-energy in support of our plan.:)

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