Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Ego as Servant of Love


Thank you for an uplifting lettter!:) It was quite sweet. In it, you say that you are not a mystic, but I must gently and mildly disagree. We are all put on earth to cultivate the mindset and attitudes of the mystical Way. The use of "Ifree" is not, of course, a goal in itself. It is simply an exercise in mindful awareness. If it makes you aware, perhaps even a little uncomfortable, during those moments when your mind ennucleates on the self, then it has more than served its noble purpose.

The ego is not "ugly" at all. It is not an "enemy." Instead, it is a teacher. Without at least some cooperation from it, no one can make any progress on the scale of growing awareness.

So, we must elicit its cooperation-- not fight against it. And no one-- including all other people-- can ever make the ego "ugly," although we can allow it to become so. That occurs, for example, when we yield to it as our unqualified master. Then, it must work to replace God (Love) as the Number One in our lives, and it simply is not qualified to handle that job; so, it inevitably fails.

It might be said that the ego is always a failure when it comes to a beautiful life-design. But, being friends and peaceful warriors together on this nanodot called "earth," we all do share the same assignments; and, happily, we can help each other over the many "bumps" in the road.:)

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