Saturday, March 03, 2007

The "Second Coming" of Christ


The "second coming" of Christ has long been an excuse for quibbling and cantankerous squabbling among many Christian denominations. It means many things to many people, and Christians have long disagreed in their interpretations.

When Jesus spoke with his disciples, he did not always speak in "ordinary, everyday" talk. At times, he spoke in symbols-- just as he did indeed also in his parables.

The "first coming" was in the flesh, as a man. (Actually, the Greek word translated as "coming" is parousia, which more closely resembles "Presence" in meaning.)

So, his first Presence in history was as a human being, in time, limited to one body, etc. Since that first Presence did not do all that he might have done, spectacular and joyous as it was, he promised a second Presence.

Since, the first time, he "came" to an entire nation and to a whole religion, to show them the imperfections of their faith, and was rejected, renounced, and even murdered, many Bible-scholars believe what I now do also:

They think that his second Presence is a personal revelation to the individual heart. True, the Scriptures do say that "every eye will see Him," but they do not say that "every eye shall see Him at the same time." So, the second Presence is not like the first. In the second, Christ does not reveal himself to thousands, but to each-- one at a time.

In other words, he comes to the individual heart and reveals Himself. So, for some, Christ has already revealed Himself-- his great Love, his compassion, his forgiveness. He has revealed that all who know him in this intimate way are in "grace," and covered and forgiven by God's grace.

But there are soul-minds of darkness to whom he has not yet revealed himself. At the end of time, he will, of course, have revealed his Presence, Love, and Splendid grace to everyone, and all will find that they are filled with the Lovelight of God and sweet forgiveness, beautiful wisdom. But this will not occur quickly, for many are still in training, and some will have a training-course that might last centuries. But still, there is no sin in the universe greater than God's Love, or God's will to forgive. God has worked it all out through the "Second Presence" of the Lord.

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