Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two very different gods


Writing is about the best "autotherapy" that has ever been discovered. It helps to clarify your own ideas: You write what you need to learn. So, writing down your thoughts can be a great exercise in mental clarity, and can help even in small matters.

Use of the Scriptures can be a wonderful "shorthand" for self-expression. But too much dependence on the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") has been found to be only confusing, for they teach a completely different god-- the ancient cultural wargod of the Hebrews. For the "God" of the Christian Scriptures ("New Testament") is Love Itself, and is healing and healthy. So, my advice would be to abandon the confusing, cruel, and loveless god of the Hebrew Scriptures, and to focus all attention on the God of pure, unsullied, unstained, perfect Love and forgiveness. That will keep you on track, especially in dealing with confused and confusing Christians.


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