Friday, January 05, 2007

This World and the Real World of Mind


Crying, in moderation, can be good and healing. But we must work not to allow negative emotions to dominate us. Thinking about our spiritual origins and nature can be very healing: When we, as nonphysical and invincible souls, agree to come to earth, and live within "physical" or "material" bodies, in a dream, we subject ourselves to experiences which are more than challenging. Earth can be an amusement park in the cosmos, but for most, it is more like an unsettling movie. The lower nature wants us to believe that we are bodies, rather than invulnerable minds using bodies as their instruments.

No soul ever loses anything-- any good event, any memory-- from the deeper Mind (soul) or deepest Mind (Spirit). For the world cannot affect, or change, deeper levels of Mind.

When we grow into this realization about ourselves and others, it does not immediately remove all pain, but it certainly does help greatly. The Core or Essence of any soul has never changed, and will never change, even though some items are inaccessible to the conscious mind at present. Everyone is, deep within, an infinite Lover with an infinite abundance of Love. And the world, the body, or other factors can never change that eternal Love. For It is God within.

Love, in time, does indeed heal all conditions, and nothing can ever stand against It. You have seen, in your own case, how much time can alter things and bring interior healing.

Also, spirituality is totally transformative in our views of "death." The great spiritual classic the Bhagavad-Gita likens death to taking off an old shirt and putting on a new one. To the conscious mind, death is a tragedy and disaster; and we do indeed seem to lose much. But from the view of the deepest Mind (Spirit), death can take away nothing, for it does not alter the basic structure or contents of the heartmind. From the view of eternity, death is a liberation. It is really as if our dead friends travel to another country, fairly far away; but we shall all go there. It is just a matter of time until we are fully and completely re-united with them, in the majestic bonds of undying Love. So, the same Spirit of Love that sustains you through this often-troubling world will also sustain you no matter what occurs in the future. And it is all-powerful and all-knowing.

"Never is such a mind-boggling long time. That is why they commonly say, "Never say never." For, in time, you will become such an immense, wise, and profound being that you will make ordinary human consciousness look like the activities of an ant-colony. Nature, life, and experience will use Love to reform you into this massively powerful and spiritual being. They are working their "magic" upon you at this very moment.

It is great to see how your mother is, at least in part, "reincarnated" in your offspring, and this beauty is part of her continuing gift to you. What could ever be a more beautiful manifestation of the Goddess than your dear and sensitive daughter?

Wherever there is beauty, there is Goddess, and beauty in all its forms is a true form of sacred worship.

Sweet, tender Love is an "oasis of Goddess" in the middle of the "desert" of this world. We are so glad that you have this "harbor" or "haven" during the storm, for this, too, is God in action. Love reminds us that there is nothing sweeter in any universe than pure and simple Love.

And our Love bounces back multiplied by the Light and laughter of the care-free parts of our shared natures; they alone can rise, and lift us, above the conflicts of this world, purifying and cleansing us with joy and faith. For our only Reality is the world of Mind, so much more harmonious, beautiful, and fulfilling than the illusions and passing dreamscapes of this world.

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