Saturday, January 27, 2007

Personal Desire and Sadness


As is so often the case, Brother Donkey has arisen early to tend to email and other cyberprojects. It occurs that we give each other meaning, for our loving each other here on earth is all that gives meaning to these human lives. That is why it is such a joy to reach out into cyberspace on this so-early morning to touch your heart.

Without the great gift of each other, there would and could be very little substantial meaning to our earthlives. And without the great but secondary gift of cyberspace, many soulconnections and general mindconnections would not be possible. So, we can count ourselves double-blessed.

Thirdly, the desire itself to love arises as a superblessing of human life. Mystics teach that the desire for Love is God acting within, and through, us. It is not only this life's greatest pleasure, but is its core-meaning, to share Love.

These three great, interactive blessings fill our moments with strength and solidarity. They remind us how hollow is a life filled with selfishness and the final emptiness of personal desires. For personal desire is a rude, crude, and vulgar taskmaster, and it has no Love to give. Naked personal desire is stripped of all meaning-- and so is personal accomplishment that does not serve Love.

So, we can all-- you, me, and every other human being-- take a brief moment to stop, still, and center on this one wondrous fact. With all the pain and agony that come with this life, we can find meaning, and delight, in erasing only a moment of sadness or loneliness in our own or another's heart. For this, too, is the service of Love.

If we become sad enough, as micronanoscopic earthcritters, we must open our hearts to the influx of the ocean or galaxy of Love. Then, It can begin to trickle in and heal us. For our sad moments remind us that we are only human, and, secondly, that no mere selfish pursuit can ever make us happy. This is the great, often hidden, gift and blessing of sadness.

Sadness is an opportunity to peer deeply into our own hearts, and to make an inventory of all our Love-activities. A heart filled with Love is self-healing when it focuses upon only that Love.

May you examine your heart today. And may you find it filled with unconditional, universal, and consistent Love.


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