Saturday, January 27, 2007



We all deserve to die, due to sin. And we all do. But, at the soul-level, we can find immortality. Immortality is not a reward for being or doing good.

It is not a "reward" at all. It arises strictly and solely from grace. This is not a reward, but is God's free gift. He may give this grace to whomever he wills. It is free of all demands, and does not come "more" to a good person than to a bad one. But its realization might come more quickly.

Every creature, including, of course, every human being, is already, right this moment, within the boundless grace of God. How can we know this? Because "God is Love" (1 Jn. 4:8, 16), God's Love must be unlimited, boundless. Otherwise, we would believe in a "limited God." This is an oxymoron, a flat contradiction in terms.

Because God is unlimited, forgiveness and Love are unlimited. So, grace, the gift of everlasting life, must also be unlimited.

People do not want to believe this. They want to feel that they are "better" than others, that they know more, that they work more, are more "just" and "righteous" than others. They hate the ideal of equality. They are like the selfrighteous Pharisees.

But Jesus told those "righteous" people that prostitutes and other sinners would "go ahead" of them into the Kingdom. (Mt. 21:31). "What glorious hope that this gives all of us; for Jesus prophesied that repeating and deliberate "sinners" would come "into the kingdom." But Jesus did say this, and he blew their minds.

Why, and how, could "sinners" (chronic and deliberate) even "enter the kingdom" at all? Jesus knew that all sinners, as was God's will, would pay for their karma, and then, someday, even the worst sinners would "enter the kingdom," because of grace.

God loves each one of his children infinitely. This includes you. This is a Love so broad, so deep, so immeasurable, that it is breath-taking. We cannot even imagine it.

God's plans are perfect. So, God has never created any soul-- and He has created all souls-- that will end up a"failure." For if a soul did fail in eternity, at bottom, that would be God's own failure, not just the failure of the soul.

Further, God is smart enough to arrange that, in his cosmos, each and every soul would find a salvation symmetric with his unlimited grace. And God is not only smart; he is also loving enough to desire the equal destiny of Love, light, and everlasting life for all of his children. This is, in fact, how God has arranged the cosmos, through the outworking of the karma of each person. Each soul receives exactly what it deserves; yet, in the end, grace and Love are even greater than sin.

To think otherwise, to deny this, is to propose that some sins exist that are greater than God's Love. And that is utter disrespect, even blasphemy!


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