Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jesus and Christ

Jesus, as a true human being, like you and me, was the "son of man." But his soul/spiritual nature was produced by the Holy Spirit of God. So he was, again like you and me, the "son of God."

The later Church formula stated that Jesus was "true God and true man." He did share in our human nature. He was "born of a woman," like all of us, and did share in genetic or biological heritage, again, as we all do.

But, in what must have been a fantastic mystical experience, he realized, with the power of a lightning-bolt, that he shared in the mental divine nature. Like all of us, his mind grew from, and was a part of, an infinite and limitless Mind-- the Mind of God.

Although Jesus never said, in the formal Scriptures, "I am the son of God, I am the son of man," this statement does clearly reflect the teachings of the Holy Scriptures-- for he was both.

This is probably the central teaching of Christianity. But it does not present Jesus as a "freak," or one-of-a-kind. Instead, it portrays him as a model. Jesus, says the text, was "a model, for you to follow his footsteps closely." (1 Pet. 2:21)

"Jesus Christ" was not his name. He was born with the Hebrew name Immanuel, which he later changed to "Jesus." (It is not uncommon for people to change their names after spiritual rebirth.) But the name "Jesus" referred to his human side, and the word "Christ" described his spiritual side, his enlightened Self.

If we are truly to "follow" him as a "model," he must partake of our human nature. That is, he must not be a totally supernatural being, far above our nature and capacity. He must, in short, be a "son of man." And we, in turn, must be, or become, "sons of God."

This is the spiritual interface between Jesus Christ and you and me. Of course, his spiritual growth is far in excess of our own; but we must nevertheless reach for his perfection of Love. We must fill ourselves with God-- or, more correctly, allow God to fill us. For this, like all spiritual mysteries, is all about Love.

In his person (human self), Jesus set forth the greatest teaching of all truth: That human nature is, very deeply in the Unconscious, also love-nature, or divine nature. As he expressed Love, and became an incarnation of Love, through the abandonment of his "human self" (ego), so we must work to allow this grace to be implanted and cultivated within our personal hearts. This is the very meaning of the word "Christian" (which means "like Christ.")

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