Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grace is Forever


Grace comes from God, the ultimate and deepest Mind of Love. One of God's more famous qualities, outlined by both theologians and mystics, is utter immutability. That is, while God, as life, is always changing, growing, and mutating, in the Core or Essence, He/She is changeless.

Therefore, Love, and Its expressions, are also without alterations. Every creature is within God's grace. Otherwise, it would be only partial, not complete or "perfect." But different creatures have differing degrees of realization and awareness.

Once God gives a gift, it is forever. There is nothing that a mere human being can do to remove herself from grace. Even if she sincerely tries, she cannot do so.

People are free to make any honest mistake, with full awareness that God's Love (grace) is more than sufficient to "cover" or to forgive the error. For karma does not result from mistakes, but comes from only deliberate, voluntary, intentional actions.

If you intend to help, and end up hurting, you will still receive good karma because your intentions were good. Look at the nightmare of wars and persecutions that have come from the teachings of Jesus. But because his intentions were only good, he did not receive of the bad energy. But also, if you intend to hurt, and end up helping, you still get negative karma.

In the end, grace covers the cosmos with an infinite "blanket" of forgiveness. God would be very unreliable if He ever withdrew this amazing gift, and God is the Rock, always trustworthy and reliable. When it comes to major items of His will, He does not change His mind.

So, grace is forever, and cannot be withdrawn, canceled, avoided, or reversed. Every Bible-based denomination teaches this; but they do not always realize the implications of the teaching. For the teaching of grace strongly, and inevitably, implies universal salvation, and that is a teaching that terrifies many Christians. But Christ said, "If I be lifted up, I shall draw all to Myself."


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