Monday, January 22, 2007

Sorting "Jehovah" out of your Godimage


The Hebrew Scriptures (the correct or Jewish name for the "Old Testament," this name reflects a sad Christian bias) have been found useful in lesson-creation, mostly as allegory, even by mystics.

We especially enjoy the Song of Solomon as a metaphoric description of the soul in relation to the Spirit. The Love between the two is very deep, and sometimes sensual, but it leads to the "divine marriage" between smaller Minds and the One, the great Mind.

If we are going to use this ancient document (Hebrew Scriptures) as a guide, however, we must be consistent. You mentioned the "hardness" of Pharaoh's heart, for example. But we must not forget that the Scriptures themselves say that it was "Yahweh" who made his heart hard. So, whose responsibility was it? If it was Yahweh's doing, as the texts themselves say, why did Pharaoh suffer punishment?

No, my friend, no one ever "gets her butt kicked" by my God. For my God has none of the pettiness and triviality of the "god" common to our culture and society. He/She is completely free of all violence, which reflects frustration. Anger also reflects frustration. But it is quite impossible to frustrate a Being who is omnipotent. She/He is billions of lightyears above such pettiness and small-mindedness. The "task" or function of my God is simply to Love, never to punish or harm any of Her/His creatures. That would be as petty as stepping on ants or torturing dogs.

My God is pure Love, and Love plus nothing. He allows people to mess up, and to create karmic retributions for themselves, but She does not directly punish or hurt anybody. His/Her only response is forgiveness. That is why Jesus said, "The Father judges no one."

You say that the "Old Testament" does not confuse you; but I submit that you are already confused, seeing a "god" that is part Yahweh ("butt-kicking") and part Love. The true and real God is all Love, unmixed Love. The cultural and historical assumptions of the ancient Hebrews do not affect or change this God.


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