Saturday, January 20, 2007

Radical Christian Right Targeting Military

Read America's Holy Warriors
The radical Christian Right is coming dangerously close to its goal of taking over the country’s military and law enforcement.

Note from Mick: ...I am speaking loudly about this dark movement, covertly growing much like the "Brown Shirts" in the 30's under Hitler. This article is written by Chris Hedges.... "War is a Force That Gives us meaning." I remember that he was booed off the stage at a college in Illinois. when he spoke out re the illegal, immoral invasion of a weaker, sovereign nation.

I have heard first-hand accounts from the grunts on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan re "Blackwater Security's" behavior, and cold blooded murder of Iraqi and Afghani citizens. It is widely believed now that they were responsible for much of the false reports of shootings, lootings, and killings in our own New Orleans. The 7 police officers who shot a forty-year old retarded man in the back 8 times are believed to be intertwined with Blackwater Security. They receive $200K annually,
tax-free, for being bodyguards-- but for whom? The corporate wolves, and crooked politicians...
A group of g.i.'s on bbc/pbs/npr reported: Last year, they had hired a group of Iraqi's, as their gardener's, landscaper's,etc., at their compound near Fallujah(leveled twice by us, over 40K killed). One day, a group of jack boot thugs came down the road, asked who "these scum" were. They no sooner had the words out of their mouths, when they were all gunned down....I did not know that they were affiliated with the Christian Right. I now have my new purpose in my "second adulthood."

Everyone I ever meet will now know this. This is complete bull____. These are innocent Arabs, in an 8,000 yr old country. And [these Americans] were going in there, as it's another "Christian Crusade." WE are the "great satan," [according to some Muslims]. How can we even state that we are a "good Christian nation"?
...Also, 9/11 was a staged, "False Flag" black op. It will be proved, someday, when it's too damn' late! The evidence is there--in "black and white"-- as the right likes always to say. (They are ignorant about what their own so-called "leaders" are doing to us, and to other countries. Covertly, in a clandestine manner.) That's why all this is so secretive.... We had better get in the game. For we are losing this
once great Republic, and it isn't a "buncha peace loving liberals" causing it! It's the NRA Police State jackasses.

RET. Col.Larry Wilkerson, Deputy Sec. of State under Colin Powell, has said on record, when asked about radical terrorists in this country: "There are violent groups in this country, but none of them I know of, are Liberal, peace groups. They're mostly the Timothy McVeigh, NRA, Right-Wing Para-Military Types."
This is happening now! People, wake up! [Radio talk-show hosts] and the other propagandist are not just silly entertainment! They are complicit in all of this! They've drunken the Kool-Aid (it equates with their obscene, grossly high salaries.)
Jesus, save us from these savages!

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