Saturday, January 06, 2007

Human Teachers


It is traditional in most schools of true mysticism not to recommend any particular human teacher. As stated in the article, "The True Buddha," last week, true mystic masters tell us to "kill" the idea of an "external" Buddha or Christ.

Of course, as mystics, we do well to study the lives and teachings of people in history who have proved to be real mystics. We often quote from Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama (the "Buddha"), Lao Tzu, Al Hallaj, Solomon, Patanjali, and others whose lives have demonstrated Love, joy, peace, and wisdom.

But the genuine mystic learns most by living, and by consulting with the great Spirit that lives within her heart. Mystics do not point to ego-personalities. They do not elevate personalities or egos. For to do so would betray the core of their mysticism. To point to human teachers, to elevate and glorify them as egos, is to miss the whole point that each mind contains the entire great Mind (God, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, etc.) We must always look beyond mere personality, ego-selves (identified by individual names) to the Spirit; and we must never forget that the Spirit of Love dwells not in others-- gurus, priests, pastors, and ministers-- but She/He lives in your own heart. It is with the heart that the mystic confers, and it is to the Instructor or Teacher in the heart that she turns when she needs advice, knowledge, or wisdom.

But, if this is so, why are some mystics "called" to teaching? The teacher-mystic-- and these are real-- serves only as a "crutch," or "band-aid," while the person is doing her own interior growing/developing. A teacher-mystic is like a doctor: Doctors never cure anything; they simply set up a body-environment that makes it more likely that the body will heal itself.

The teacher-mystic never causes anyone to grow. She simply sets up the situations/events/environments/questions/challenges that make interior growth more likely, or more rapid. All growing is done from within the person.

Student and teacher are reversible and interchangeable. Every true teacher recognizes, in humility, that she is also a student, and that all students are also teachers. There is no permanent "clergy class" in the "body" of God. A finger is not "better" than an ear. So, each is simply a different "part of the body of God." But, in this case, fingers can become ears!

We are all equal, intrinsically. None is better than another. But, just as a fool can be taught, in time, to become a doctor or lawyer, so an ordinary person can be taught, in time, to become a "teacher," if her interest is great enough.

But if you find yourself speaking about a human teacher instead of a fine teaching, CAUTION: You are already on the dangerous, slippery path of destructive cult-psychology.


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