Saturday, January 06, 2007

The "Jesus Test"


The "Jesus test," an email that was to be forwarded, is completely meaningless. For any fool, or hypocrite, could easily forward this message-- anyone, without the Love of the Father in their hearts. The real "Jesus test" is how you treated yourself, your family, and your friends today, and yesterday, and tomorrow.

Sending along silly messages over email is simply too "easy" to prove, or even to indicate, anything at all. A person filled with ignorance and hatred could send this message to a hundred people. It would be hollow, meaningless, and empty, signifying nothing. In a very few minutes, you will be taking the real and genuine "Jesus test." A friend, or relative, or yourself, will put your patience and Love to the test. Now, that will mean something. That will matter. That will count.

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