Monday, January 22, 2007

Supernature Talents


Human beings, as you seem already to know, have catalogued and documented both precognition and telepathy several times over the past few thousand years.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung called the recurrence of a new word, or bit of new knowledge, shortly after having learned it, "synchronicity." This has much to do with the mysterious nature of time, space, and mind, and their many and complex interactions.

It is understandable that you would like to use these rare abilities to help others. That is, in fact, why they are given by the great Mind. The very best way to do this is the practice of mind-clearing, or thought-free states of meditation. For as much as we would yearn to regulate or control such mental powers, experience proves that we can be their recipient, but not their cause.

Meanwhile, you can sharpen your awareness of these mindfunctions by keeping a careful record of their occurrence; and it will also help if you can record and interpret your night-dreams.

Perhaps sadly, there is little that we can do to influence these processes, since they arise spontaneously from a much greater or deeper Mind within. In order to cultivate any "psychic" ability, I often recommend "psychometry." This is the holding of a small object in the left hand, and recording all impressions received from it. Of course, you must work with someone who knows the history of the object, in order to test and validate your "hits" and "misses."


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