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Lies about Democracy

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

Lies about Democracy

From: m.coyn*****

There is nothing in the US Constitution about the "separation of church and state." That is a fallacy.


Mick wrote:

Democracy relies on the separation of powers and secular education.

Posted by: thoughtcriminal on Jan 4, 2007 8:27 AM

The original framers of the US Constitution included the separation of Church and State for a number of reasons. The primary one was European history, which had been dominated by religious wars for centuries. There was a long record of individuals using religion as a route to political power and wealth, and they wanted to put an end to that.

They also believed in a separation of powers, which is why we have the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. They clearly recognized that religious institutions already had more then enough power, and they were opposed to the notion of empires and dictatorships (having just won independence from the dictatorial and imperial British Empire [under a king named "george"].

Clearly, what Bush&Co. have been attempting to do for quite some time is to take over all three branches of government in their quest for a totalitarian state.

These people hate democracy. As part of this strategy, they are also trying to break down the barriers between religion and the state.

I imagine what Bush would like to see is something like what his Saudi Royal friends have-- a dictatorship backed by a fundamentalist religious authority, with all wealth and power in the hands of a small elite who also exert absolute control over the press and the educational system.

The educational system is pretty critical, since it can either brainwash young minds into rigid conformity with authority, or teach them to think critically and independently. A healthy democracy requires the latter.

This is all pretty obvious, but our corporate press still trots out rubbish like, "Bush's plan to spread democracy in the Middle East" - when that's the absolute last thing that these elitist international thugs (Baker and Cheney, for example) would ever want to see.


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