Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Deeper Meaning of Recent Events

Thanks to Barbara Baty.

No one can be insulated from, or remain untouched by, the massive, immense changes that are now occurring on this teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy nanoplanet. These events, like a literal earthquake, are drawing people together. And no one can predict what will come next. (Many self-styled "prophets" are trying like mad, but none have proved reliable.) We must learn the lesson of simply trusting the universe(Tao) as we board the human rollercoaster? Entire countries are going bankrupt, and others are suffering the effects of global warming. It seems that entire nations can be quite as insane as some human beings, as our own United States has demonstrated during the last eight years. People individually are "losing it," falling into religious madness, and quite desperate for anything that even vaguely resembles an explanation. Increasingly, they are turning to mad references to the Bible, especially to the Revelation, its final book, and these "explanations" create only exacerbating madness. Others run to Nostradamus or Ed Cayce-- both of whom predicted the "end of the world" for the year 1999! Self-styled "experts" are everywhere, of course, and there are plenty of "prophets" just trying to "make a buck" out of the human misery in the world.

Human beings seemed to have sensed some of the changes that now are flowing from the collective Unconscious, bracing themselves, alerting themselves. And this world touches each of us personally and deeply, so the changes are about your life and mine, not about an abstract "world out there."

And no matter how "spiritual" we are, no matter how profound our philosophy, we are touched by this world. No one is immune, no one unaffected. Yes, Virginia, bad things do happen to good people, for karma is an impartial Mindenergy; it occurs not for our punishment, but for our education.

We are the people of Love. Thus, we must take on the incredible task of figuring out how this world of apparent chaos and madness is a reflection of Love. And here is how: Karma turns the entire world into a "school." The purpose of this school is to teach the gentle art of loving. We cannot learn the most profound depths of the most Love, the maximum compassion, until or unless we have suffered. (That is why very young people, who have never suffered, seem so shallow, and sometimes, they

We are also hear to learn that the entire material world, all around us, is maya, "illusion," or a dream. This is indicated by major financial and political institutions dissolving before our very eyes!

But while the fortresses of materialism and greed are unraveling, spiritual teachings remain powerful elements of our lives. They alone survive every crisis or catastrophe. To figure out this complex world, we must use spiritual thinking, or mystical principles, such as karma.

Karma is a complex "balancing act" in which the whole universe, including your personal Soul, is involved. "Bad" things happen to people in order to break them out of selfcenteredness and selfinvolvement, to educate us in Love. That is why some of the most gentle, wise, kind, and enlightened people of history have suffered, doing "battle" with the "demons" of the lower nature.

Human beings have generated karmic energy, galaxies of it, for many millennia. Some of this karma is being worked out now.

The entire world must learn two major karmic lessons: Greed is the service of fear (the "devil"), and the more that we think that we are "in control," the more quickly things start spinning wildly out of control. We must respond to these lessons by refusing to serve greed, and instead, trying honestly to serve compassion. And we must let go of control and replace it with faith-- trust in the unfolding of the cosmos, without our interference or manipulation. (This is the essence of that wonderful path of mysticism called "Taoism.")

What is happening is a shift in the very paradigm of the world. We are, specifically, shifting away from the old paradigm, which emphasized separation (all separation is illusion, since we are all part of the One, the great collective Unconscious). We are also outgrowing the illusions of domination by force. The world cannot be "controlled" by guns and bombs, but must be regulated by the recognition of the interdependence of Love. All cultures and societies, like all human beings, share interests on this tiny planet, and so, fierce independence will give way to a sense of interdependence, in which no single culture is seen as "superior."

We must work, through healing and sharing, to create a global and, someday, an interplanetary culture based on the equality of all human beings. Every act of Love is an act of healing, and there is no such thing as a "small" act of Love.

This earth is like an organism, which works only as long as the parts cooperate. Each part must yield to the whole; so, to find freedom, we must each work in cooperation with others to serve the greater Whole that is the Love of the cosmos.

So, each act of personal transformation helps to metamorphose the Whole. Each and every act of Love expresses Love for the Whole. So, every positive thought helps to heal the collective, or world-Soul. So, every act of selfhealing is shared with many, many others on an energy-level or Mind-level.

So, your intentions and thoughts become the "raw material" out of which the world is constructed. That is why, in visions of our Lady of Love, such as those of Fatima and Lourdres, she instructs us never to stop "praying." And every thought of Love is a true prayer.

We must rid ourselves of fear, which is the source of all wars. In almost every war, this fear is expressed as greed. It is time that we, as a society, stopped serving greed and begin to serve its opposite, compassion.

What can we do in the midst of all the horror and terror that have been fed into the collective Unconscious over millennia of human history? We can begin to counter-balance all this mental garbage by creating the mental treasures of Love.

Every thought of Love is a prayer, and a true act of worship. Let each of us begin, this very day, to flood our lives with thoughts of Love, and these will "sink down" and swamp even the collective Unconscious, as Love overcomes fear. Let us do this relentlessly and ceaselessly, pouring huge quantities of Love inward, to create a galaxy of Love, an ocean of Love. Soon, the weak candle-flicker of fear will go out, quenched by the passion of our Love. Fear is but a drop, in cosmic terms, but Love
is an ocean; fear but a candle, and Love the interior "sun" of purest Light. Fear, in the presence of Love, does not stand a chance!

We exist for each other, and we all exist for the Whole. We have worked for years on selfimprovement, and even selferasement, so that we can help to rescue the world from crisis. So, let us not be metaphysically selfish, using the interior Power to strive to create only personal wealth, as so many have done. Instead, let us submit our interior Power to the services of Love, compassion, planetary renewal, ecological
recovery, and the sisterhood and brotherhood of all beings in the universe.


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