Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Lord/Lady of Love

For Love is so much brighter than any "sun" (even leo!), it makes galaxies look like snuffed candles. And God's eternal bliss is so very high that it makes all other joys look like mourning by comparison. The ecstasy of God (Love) is more than an instant; in time, it can grow into a steady state for the one who has been "blinded" by Its glory, blown away by Its Power, and metamorphosed by Its Love.

God is much more than the beauties of all earthly and celestial beauties combined; She is beauty Itself, and nothing exists that can ever rival the beauty of Her Love.

In the Light-filled Mind, every second of every day is a celebration of Love; it is always Christmas, and always spring, and the world always overflowing with sweet-smelling roses in every color; they blossom in billions, filling the heartmind to overflowing with the delightful and ever-pleasing scent of Love.

Just thinking about this infinite Love, for only a minute, is a "healing" experience; it leads to greater integration. If taking small sips can elevate, then gulping the glittering Ocean of God can drive into irreversible ecstasy. This incomparable, ineffable, indescribable Love can heal anything without exception. There is no body in the universe that She cannot heal. But, for the sake of karma, and also, for the sake of a gentle exit, some conditions are not healed by the great Healer in her omniscient Love.

So, when healed, we praise the God of Love. And, when not healed, we also praise the Lord and Lady of endless Love.

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