Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Project K and Dreams


A dream of the "end of the world" indicates the end of some major aspect of your personal life. When terrible things happen, we always say, "It's not the end of the world!" So, what major factor in your everyday world is coming to an end? What major aspect of your selfimage is changing? Growth can "re-create" us, and, in this, our baby-self, toddler-self, child-self, and teen-self all come to an end. This is
the "end of a world." This kind of transformationdream often occurs during these major transitions.

In the second dream, you are feeling exposed; is your privacy being intruded upon? Do you have something which you need to keep personal that you are being forced to reveal? (Sometimes, even "bears" appear in this type of dream, for "bear" is a pun upon "bare," and of course, nakedness reveals the same, but at a more intense level.) Hope these little keys unlock a door.:)

RE Project K: Btw, the creatinine reading was the same as four months ago-- in fact, point one better. (It was 2.7, and had been 2.8) Did not meet with the staff or docs-- should have made that clearer. But they met, and decided that I need to see yet another doc, an allergist, because I have a respiratory-distress reaction to solumedryl and Prednisone, and I must re-take a bloodtest already taken in April. They surely make sure that they "cover their butts," and are not going to get
sued! (This has little to do with the health of the patients.)


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