Saturday, December 13, 2008

Farewell to Obscene Greed

Farewell to Obscene Greed

At the end of his presidency, bush has made certain that his obscene agenda of greed is fulfilled. In virtual panic, he has rushed through a large bundle of laws that will benefit his billionaire-cronies, but that will damage and ruin the ecology. As usual, the administration shows absolutely no concern for the people or for the land; as always, it is "in the back pocket" of industry, commerce, and greed. The most corrupt and insensitive administration in the history of the world is about to pass away, to everyone's gleeful delight. But bush is not leaving in peace. He has been a president who has presided over much war and destruction, and his precious "heritage" will record him as the very worst president in the history of the world.
He has tried his very best to insist that the notorious $700 billion bailout was set up without transparency, accountability, or oversight. Why? Because he wanted some of the funds to enrich his own bank-account, and those of his criminal cronies, including those of Cheney and Condy.
But much, much more tragically, he has quickly, eagerly sacrificed the ecological health of our planet for a mere fistful of dollars in the short term. He has "sentenced to death" people who are not even born yet, for short term profit. Millions suffer already from asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and allergies, exacerbated by increased particle-pollution of the air. Having denied global warming until it is too late, he has worked hard to destroy our planet, and has thus become the enemy of all humankind, as well as of nature itself.
His monstrous programs of greed have led this country into a war that has cost over a million mostly innocent people their very lives; it has also cost our nation about three trillion dollars. (One can only wonder in awe at the effect of having spent this money on roads, bridges, schools, libraries, parks, housing, etc. It would have been a golden age, the richest time in our history.)
Now Georgie is worried about his "legacy." He should be. For he leaves behind only death, greed, and assorted nightmare-- mass murder, an economy in tatters, and a world that largely hates America-- and withgood reason.
He is actually so deluded, has been so insulated, that he believes himself to have been the best president in history! Like all other megalomaniacal leaders and tyrants, he suffers from no negative selfesteem. Like so many fools of history, he believes himself to have been "appointed" by "God." (He worships the wargod Jehovah.) He is not only completely incompetent; he is not just evil, through and through; he is quite insane, and suffers from a psychopathic absence of conscience.
(Those killed in war are just numbers on a sheet of paper, and he has no feelings for them or their families.) He has been murderously and monstrously unconcerned about all the damage that he has done; his horrors do not keep him up at night.
Still, his ultimate "hell" is the inside of his own mind, to which he
must always return, and from which he cannot escape.

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