Thursday, December 11, 2008



In an article in the uld (previous issue), the one about politicians who should "go away," the second part of the article was not comprehensively corrected, or completely proofread. It slipped in "under the wire," as we were in a hurry, just leaving the keyboard, when that article came across our desk. Because of this, a couple of "blue" words escaped our notice, and our censorship. Due to the sensitivity of various readers (you know who you are), we are sensitive to the use of very strong language, and do all that we can humanly do to eradicate it from even our political commentary. As life is uncontrollable or unpredictable--often, both-- we cannot or do not often do this job perfectly. So, any apology that is appropriate is here offered for those who feel that it is needed. Sorry; we will try to do better in the future.:)
-- the editors of the uld

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