Sunday, December 28, 2008

God as Love plus Nothing

People are very kind, and most often, are willing to create a friendship with any kind person who is open. So, try not to isolate yourself. This is a technique of mind-alteration, and sometimes -control. Try to make as many friends with "normal" people as possible. For example, whenever possible, collect email addresses, and write. You will likely find some very understanding and supportive people.

I have written a fairly extensive book about my own experience [within a cult]. If you would like a copy, I would love to send it to you, without cost. Please just send, asap, your "snailmail" (land-) address.

There is so much that can and should be said; but emails are not large enough to contain it all; that is why a book was written. In a nutshell, let me just give the following advice (I never give advice unless it is requested.)

Remember always that "God is Love." (1 Jn. 4: 8,16) God, as Jesus reflected, is eager to forgive; he is not reticent, like the old Jehovah. We must remember that the Jehovah-image of God developed four thousand years ago, in a very primitive area of the world. It was created and developed by a pre-literate and backwards culture. This is why the "loyal followers of Jehovah," the "Bible-experts" of his day, plotted the murder of Jesus. It does not by any means represent all the glorious truth about the infinite God of Love.

God is "love plus nothing." People, even [members of the cult], will admit that God is Love, but then, they insist on adding ideas, doctrines, history, etc. But when we realize that God is Love plus nothing, we can safely discard all the ideas and religions of human origin (including the cult-faith), and safely worship Love. We can make Love our religion or faith.

This brings liberation, happiness, and peace. It frees us from the necessity of following doctrines (Jesus taught none) and organizations (Jesus founded none). All doctrines are disposable; none represents the "truth."

When we emerge from the cult, we do not have to "join" any other religion. The important thing is not to be "religious," but spiritual. Being "spiritual" is the cultivation of Love in our hearts. If we have Love, we have God, and do not need anything else-- doctrines, organizations, religions of human origin. Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (Jn. 8:32)

The word "truth" was not used by Jesus to refer to certain teachings or doctrines. Instead, it was the Greek word aletheia, and was used by Greek writers to mean "reality." In truth, God is the "only Reality," so to know the truth is to know God. To know God is to realize that an infinite pool of Love exists in the universe, and It moves through your heart.

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