Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thanks to Barbara Baty.


The punk is still at it! (My personal assessment at bottom of page, if you care)

Do you think Bush really believes his own bullsh** (or thinks the public does) or is just so insulated, so stupid and so arrogant that it is a case of the "Emperor's New Clothes"?

Editorial - New York Times
The Deluder in Chief
Published: December 7, 2008
We long ago gave up hope that President Bush would acknowledge his many mistakes, or show he had learned anything from them. Even then we were unprepared for the epic denial that Mr. Bush displayed in his interview with ABC News's Charles Gibson the other day, which he presumably considered an important valedictory chat with the American public as well.

It was bad enough when Mr. Bush piously declared that he hopes Americans believe he is a guy who "didn't sell his soul for politics." (We suppose we should not bother remembering how his team drove Senator John McCain out of the 2000 primaries with racist attacks or falsified Senator John Kerry's war record in 2004.) It was skin crawling to hear him tell Mr. Gibson that the thing he will really miss when he leaves office is no longer going to see the families of slain soldiers, because they make him feel better about the war. But Mr. Bush's comments about his decision to invade Iraq were a "mistakes were made" rewriting of history and a refusal to accept responsibility to rival that of Richard Nixon.

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