Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Poorest People in the World

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

As most of you know, Love Ministries has recently started the Love Ministries Federation. This is a Lovebased, cooperative communion of small, independent ministries which care for orphans in the poorest countries on earth.

Many of these orphans have had homes, brothers, sisters, and parents torn away from them through military violence. This is in turn supported by greed, commercialism, and religious bigotry.

These do represent the poorest people on our little planet. Many of you are joyfully thinking about the Holy-days (holidays) and gifts that you will give to, and receive from, your friends.

But the Way of Love is often marked by how we deal with strangers as well.

What is the very greatest, the most fundamental, gift that you can give to another?

It is the gift of continued life. We now have a great and wonderful opportunity to give to God's children this very special gift. For only the amount that you would pay for one cd, you can make the ultimate difference between life and death, survival and perishing. We are accepting donations as small as three dollars.

So, we sincerely invite you to share the generosity that the universe has so kindly shared with you. Please join our friends this month (December 2008 and January 2009). So far, here is what we have received:

Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
lmiusa: $100

Total 122008: $200.

Since we have six ministries in the Federation, i.e., Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Rwanda, Love Ministries of Sierra Leone, and Love Ministries of Uganda,

Our goal for this month is $600. So, we still need $400, to give only $100 to each of our orphanages. So, please consult your heart and your checkbook, and give whatever you can. NOTE: Unlike the case with larger charities, in which 80% of funds go to maintenance (offices, payment of workers and solicitors, phone-bills, electric bills, etc.), one hundred percent of all donations are guaranteed to go straight to the children in need. Thank you in advance for your Love and kindness.

Love, from the Heart,

shi and the staff of the Love Ministries Federation

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