Friday, December 26, 2008

The Joys of E-Activism


As the people of Love, we all want to improve our tiny little planet. But sometimes, especially in the face of overwhelming greed and corruption, we can feel hopeless and helpless.

Happily, there is a Way to serve "humanity" and to "improve the world" no matter what your age or state of health. Of course, it might always be argued that there are better ways to serve, and no doubt, there is truth in that. But each should strive to do her best, and others strive not to judge, evaluate, or measure the worth of her activity. We at Love Ministries have discovered, over many years, that a sense of being active in improving our little world can arise from regular
participation in e-activism.

What is e-activism?

As its name implies, it is political, social compassionbased activity through email. Literally thousands of people, and many very idealistic groups, depend on emails to get their message across. E-activism depends on people such as yourself, who are willing to sign petitions, write to governmental leaders, including senators and congress-people, write to world-leaders and heads of companies. (A pre-written letter is usually provided; it just needs you to forward it.)

E-activism encompasses a wide spectrum of causes. Yesterday, for example, Adamaria aided this donkey to send emails about the following issues: laws against sexual violence against women and girls; a green curriculum for public schools; defending an anti-nuclear world; defending workers' rights; effective ways to fight aids; reducing prison-population by refusing to arrest nonviolent drug-users; protecting communities from "dirty oil" and the corrupt people who greedily promote
it;demand for leadership on the use and distribution of nuclear weapons;reach-out to aid women and children with h.i.v.; petition to make Federal workplaces smokefree; defense of truckers' rights at Nike; antiproliferation of nuclear weapons; protests against secret pardons for bush and cronies; protection of auto-industry through "bridge"-loans; demand that the government of Singapore prevent wild dolphin trade; protection demanded for national parks; demand for fairness in banking-loans after bailout; protection for women in the Congo (This one was forwarded to the uld); protection demanded for Balluga whales.

All this communication took place in one hour! But, are we really doing anything with e-activism? Or is it just a waste of timenergy? (As you know, we certainly do not believe in wasting timenergy.)

When you begin e-activism, you join your voice to tens of thousands of others, and e-activism has already changed many laws, practices, and even the government of this country! (There was a huge outburst of unified e-active support for Obama, for example.:)

So, if you are too poor to work for change in any other way (if you cannot afford to travel), or, if you are an older citizen, or medically challenged, e-activism could be a positive expression of your desire/need to reach out and touch others, and the community! For, even as idealists, when we unite our voices, we are no longer a single "voice in the wilderness" but a roaring and resounding chorus of inspiration.

Together, we can move mountains!

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