Sunday, December 07, 2008

Views of Current Crises

Thanks to Barbara Baty.

Here is an email from a friend with his comments on the state of things right now. After his comments, he typed the link to the George Will article. The article is NOT very long at all. I think you guys would like the George Will article.

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Personally, I don't see things getting "a whole lot better" for quite a while. I think we've been seduced for YEARS by the banksters; and their house of cards has collapsed. And the lies have hit the fan and affected the entire world.... I've lost $70K, but what can I do? ...Bush has totally abdicated his responsibility as president and is simply hiding out and packing boxes for moving day. He doesn't want anything to do with this morass that he and his failed neocon policies that he and his "compassionate conservative" buddies co-created. We are rudderless right now and will drift for a while, even though that piece of mud is STILL president!

I read George Will yesterday, and there is some interesting historical stuff in here, not encouraging. But it's a pretty good article. ... I just don't see us getting back to where we were with so many job losses and businesses going under and people losing their homes and the value of homes being undercut and all the [other] negative stuff. And I see nothing on the horizon to turn any of that around. [It is hoped that] there will be something in the area of new energy and green technology
under a more progressive president, but it certainly cannot start overnight. Bush has so seriously messed everything up that it could take a generation to unmess it. If at all. Hell, we might be on the precipice of the demise of western culture as we've known it. It's a new day and a whole new world. ESPECIALLY since we (the corporate owned government) have so efficiently destroyed our manufacturing base and
pedaled our jobs across the borders. But that's another story...and you don't wanna get me started!

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