Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sad Commentary, but Really Shouldn't be a Surprise

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

Sad Commentary, but Really Shouldn't be a Surprise

I was saddened by the recent news re a country wide outbreak of toxic racism, in response to the historic election that just took place.

1st let me state, that this country and most of it's people have come along way in it's evolution away from the darkness, ignorance of racism & bigotry.

But sadly, there are still many who harbor deep seated fear, bitterness, resentment towards people of color, for many reasons-- real or imagined.

There is an element of abject ignorance here and all over the world; we are not alone in this deficit among human kind.

We've heard many say that our culture has been numbed, dumbed down, through thousands of hours of gratuitous sex & violence on our TV's, video games, movies. And it's true we have let this sewer of mindpollution into our hearts, minds, and Souls. We have been desensitized somewhat, and many of our youth have really been retarded by all this unnecessary violence, in our dialogue, our language, our propensity to be reactionary. We are a culture of gun lovers. Of course, [this is not true of] all of us. I personally hate weapons of any sort now. I've personally seen the full force and finality that violence causes the survivors. Noone is ever the same, and you never recover from the after affects of violent deaths among your family or friends.

Fear is at the root of all ignorance. Fear is what drives people to over-react to any situation. Sometimes caution is useful. But, generally speaking, fear, especially 'false-fear' used by many in roles of authority, in the media,etc. Causes us to act/react not from the basis of Love, logic, rationality, reason. Fear sistorts everything, and we no longer think rationally.

Many of these acts of racial slurs, threats come from folks who have been filled with hate & lies, abuse, fear all their lives. From family, friends, media shows, war propaganda that portrays people of different colors as being 'less than' or the purveyors of war & violence 'against us. [This] triggers that age old animal response, our lower nature, to fear what we dont understand.

If people looked logically, resonably, rationally at all the evidence of how we arrived here to these troubled times, we would see that wealthy, powerful people got us here. They are mostly caucasian.

Rich "white" men start most of the wars around the world, most of which are fought in the homelands of darkskinned people. There's no denying that.

Viet Nam, Korea, WW1&2, yes , Germany, Russia, Japan, Northern Africa. [And we are] still in foreign lands, with 'different' cultures & languages. Most of that immersed in Imperial Hegemony, to conquer, divide, and then control the spoils of war 'victories'.....so stupid white men got us here, right...some Asian, Jewish, Arab(secularists)--some religious I'm sure. Some would say the Jewish Zionists are following their religion, but Zionism is not a religion, but an ideology. Just like many, many others. Only difference I can discern is that this is a 'my way or the highway' methodology.

Israel is a 'stand alone' nation state, without any Palestinians in sight. It is now, and has been for yrs a genocidal, apartheid situation. The only other problem, is these same people are the architects of our wars in the Middle East now. That's a real problem, whether you believe it or not. It is not of our constitution; we have drifted away from the precepts of that fine document.

Does "We shall have no standing armies anywhere in the world" ring a bell? Sadly, since the Civil War, we've drifted towards Yankee Imperialism-- all over [the world]. And [we] have honed the "must go to war" propaganda to a science(of mind control).

Lastly, highly paid radio/TV media pundits should be held accountable by the laws of our land for inciting inflammatory rhetoric over our public airwaves. Incindiary dialogue, spewing hate, lies, and fear among susceptible listener's is like lighting a fuse to TNT laced with gunpowder.

Especially during hard times-- not brought on by one Bi-Racial President-elect and his fine family, but by yrs of malfeasance, greed and unbridled capitalism.

Let us pray for deliverance from all this ignorance, fear based thinking, myopic mentalities. [And let us do and say everything within our power to weaken the cause of fear!]

Just a note about bigoted speech: There are no "black" people on our
planet; and there are no "white" people. Black is the color of coal, and
white the color of snow. We are all just darker and lighter shades of
brown! So, let us try to reflect this in our speech. Let's stop using
the divisive opposites "white" and "black." If we must refer to race at
all, let us use the more reasonable and accurate "darkerskinned" and
"lighterskinned" people.

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