Monday, November 03, 2008

"Prophecy" as Nonsense


All these so-called "prophecies" always come after the events. I understand real prophecy to describe events before they actually happen. A "retrospective prophecy" is a contradiction in terms, and is useless to everybody.

This is a common practice among both selfstyled "psychics" and "prophets." After an event has occurred, everyone says, "I knew that this was going to happen." This was the case universally after the tragedy of 9-11. And this is clearly useless, of no value whatsoever.

These people are suffering from low selfesteem and are just trying hard to prove how "special" they are. They are trying to "grab the spotlight," or the headlines. They want others, particularly the gullible, to regard them as "chosen" prophets, or "especially gifted" psychics. But their "predictions" come after an important event, and so, are quite useless to everyone.

In most cases, predictions absolutely fail to come true anyway. Multitudes of "prophecies" re the "end of the world," for example, are now good only for lining the floors of bird-cages. Among the literally thousands of "prophecies" regarding the "end," obviously, not a single one ever came true! But this has no effects on the "prophets," and they keep on predicting, viewing the cosmos as a kind of "soap-opera" in their boring lives. They feel so unspectacular and insignificant.

Recently, as one example, it was predicted that a giant ufo, two thousand miles long, was going to appear over the eastern United States on precisely October 14. Everyone would see it glowing against the dark evening sky. Friends asked about this. I replied that, while nothing is impossible, I did not believe this prediction. And, sure enough, October 14 came and went without any special occurrence, as we strongly suspected that it would!:)

So-called "prophecies" can be not only useless, but, if they contain false information, actually dangerous or misleading, as this Christian minister obviously takes a more neutral attitude towards the evil of this administration, moving him closer to the side of evil. I prefer, when possible, always to remain on the side of good against evil, and naturally grow a little suspicious when the greed of the present horrific administration is either ignored or, worse, defended. But thanks for sharing, dear friend; it was an interesting read.

What color is the sky in this guy's universe?

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