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Paddle - Piet - Pedal

Paddle - Piet - Pedal
October 30, 2008
Paddle - Piet - Pedal

Thanks-times-ten to those of you who rushed in to make our Moose for Obama promotion a big success. We shed all of the paddles in a few days and shipped them off last week to locations as distant as Florida. If you have not yet received your paddles, please send Faris a note. We will continue to represent the Moose fairly, and can get more paddles on special order in the future. We don't have to remind you to Vote, right?

We introduced Piet Hein’s work on our website a few months ago. If you have not yet taken a look, it is well worth a few clicks. His work falls into a very special category of hand-made modern design that I would classify (if I had to) as poetic functionalism. The work is now readily available for the first time in the US, and we have some pieces in stock. We also wanted to make you aware of the fact that a fine selection of his pieces are on display – and for sale – with our good friends at Arkitektura In-Situ in San Francisco. Arkitektura has been presenting an excellent range of modern furnishings to San Francisco since 1998. Together with Design Within Reach they have made San Francisco a world-class destination for classic modern design. Arkitektura is having its annual sale November 8th and 9th from 10am-6pm, giving you two reasons to stop by in the near future.

It may seem weird to be promoting anything for purchase in these times of such economic uncertainty. Most of us are feeling broke. But good design still matters, maybe more than ever. It’s not an artificial derivative based on something else that has no value. It is real. It is sustainable. It can provide emotional comfort. A walk through the showroom at Arkitektura In-Situ is an experience of serenity and peace. Look closely at the work of Piet Hein. It can help to reaffirm our faith in the potential of the individual to make a difference, in the human spirit, in beauty in general. And if that does not work, take a walk on the beach. Or look at a Moose paddle. Beauty might be a little harder to see these days.

I have become increasingly involved with bicycles and bike advocacy, including supporting initiatives that 1) help us reduce our dependency on cars and 2) improve the quality and character of our urban spaces. Over the next few months I will be working on some local projects that may include focus groups and some projects that will have a national scope. I’m casting around for people who have a passion for and knowledge of bikes and modern design, particularly for people who are well connected to the biking industry and community. If this is of interest to you please send a note and I will follow up.

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