Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Notes on Soldiers

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

We all love our country & our military; we just don't trust our corporate government all the time. We also feel sorry for the young girls and boys sent to fight and die for a lie, propagated by the corp devils who wanted to take over Iraq, and place the largest Embassy in the world there. I also feel really bad that more rich kids, sons & daughters of congressman, Wall St oil executives, robber barons in our new gilded age-- that more of their sons of privilege & fortune have not been able to serve, rather than just serve themselves.... Over 6K young men & women commit suicide 'every year (this according to a Military study) after they experience the absolute horrible results of our invasion-occupation.
They either kill themselves there, faux accidents, or back here after 3-4 tours, and seeing the absolute carnage we have caused there, over 1.2 Million innocent civilians slaughtered. Over 2.5 Million, since 1991....

I know way too much about the corrupt killing to believe all the propagandist hype, emotional hyperbole.


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